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2 years exactly with X39 and Lifewave:
The "after" photo was today. My lifestyle has not changed since patching. I'm active. Do lots of yoga. Vegan. Exercise. All stayed the same and you can see the difference. I was heavily inflamed since I was a teen. Pain in nearly every joint from 14 as a dancer with a very bad eating disorder. I was in constant pain from a very young age and thought it was normal. By 30,I was in so much pain I truly believed I had some autoimmune illness. I didn't understand my body or lack of nutrients. I tried everything.

Even when I changed my diet, the pain remained.
2 years since patching and having tried every healing modality, I am now free from:
Daily migraines.

Menstrual cramps.
Overactive bladder.
Joint pain. Neck pain. Low back pain. Hip tendon pain. Hip flexor pain.
Achilles tendinitis. And I'm not sure if I'm forgetting anything.

This patch uses wavelengths of light to activate things IN OUR BODIES that are dormant. Cell Repair. Elevates a peptide that is the holy grail of anti aging
It's been an amazing journey with benefits I cannot begin to express my gratitude for.


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