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Nourish My Soul

What is a Soul Retreat

Well, to start, everything in our realm of existence begins with a soul.  Everything you do after the acceptance of your human form will expand or restrict your experience here on this plane. 
Creating a soul retreat, rather than a yoga or meditation gathering is a much more in depth expansion of knowledge on our WHY on this Earth. In a time of absolute chaos, comes a lot of questions and confusion.  What is my purpose? How do I navigate my soul in such a heavy and dense space?  How can I create change and shifts within myself to help encourage others to do the same?

They are deep questions that I truly felt were necessary to provide answers to. Each person that is speaking at this soul rebalancing retreat will give tremendous insight into to all of the why or how questions.  NOW is the time for community and solutions. 
I truly believe bringing our soul tribe together will be eye opening, transformational, and life-shifting.  Our courses will include:
 •Learning to manifest will help bring a new reality.  
•Photon energy can provide healing, overall peace and calmness.
•Soul connection will allow us to understand many reasons why certain puzzle pieces in our lives never fit.
•Consciousness and the Matrix will give a very different perspective and understanding of the dark forces in our world and what we can do to help lift the vibration of consciousness.
•Exploring Golden therapy or liquid plasma is a giant piece that has been missing from our healing journey created by our very own bodies.  
•Emotion code healing is a fantastic way to transmute stuck emotions and energy in the body so we can heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.  
I truly wanted to build a retreat and experience that is unlike anything we have ever had access to. Each speaker is a true gift from the Universe in more ways than I can express. Bringing us all together is an amazing start to helping others make the shift and expand their consciousness.  

I cannot wait to see you all there. 

Krystal Tini, Founder Nourish My Soul

What is a Soul Retreat
No upcoming events at the moment

Soul Team 

Krystal Tini, Founder/CEO | Freddie Amendolia, Chairman of the Board | Julie Marie Miller, Executive Director

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