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We Are
Nourish My Soul

About the Project

Nourish My Soul is committed to promoting mental health and wellness in our neighborhoods and community to adults with a strong interest in alternative healing methods.

Vision Statement
Nourish My Soul, through its network of volunteers, donors and partners, helps bring self-expression, art and positivity on your wellness journey.

We aspire to turn compassion into action so that...
...people affected by trauma, past, present, and future can have access to healing modalities;
...all members of our tribe feel nourished.

Nourish My Soul PNG-01.png


of the world's population vibrate at a low frequency level, i.e. fear, guilt, shame


of the remaining population transcend the negative vibrations, raising their frequency, through the methods we provide with our Mission.


Souls have received our support; Nourish My Soul's mission is to help transform amd transmute dark energy.

Annual Report

Nourish My Soul is a Public Benefit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania and your donation will be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by Law. Always consult with your tax professional. 

Board Meetings

Nourish My Soul 's Governing Board meets every quarter to review Mission focus, Budget review, Program facilitation and Compliance in donor management. SUBSCRIBE TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT OUR UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS.

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